Cheer: Clinics & Hardwork

   The Ayala cheer team is beginning sign-ups for the 2020-2021 season in the next school year. There was a meeting on February 18 at 6:00pm in the MPR for parents and applicants in grades 8-11. Students can try out for sideline cheer, which is a branch of cheer meant for football, basketball, and other sport games. In competitive cheer, they travel out of the state and  compete against other high schools. This year, the tryouts for song clinics are from March 3 to April 3 at 3-5pm, and song try out is April 2 at 3pm. Cheer Clinics tryouts will be April 6 through April 18 at 3-5pm, and the actual cheer tryout is April 9 at 3pm in the gym.

   In cheer an Ayala student needs to do a lot of stunting and aerobics or the splits to work out their core and muscles for warm ups before they begin their cheer routine to rehearse for the school rally or big competition in 2 months Moreno claims. A sophomore Isabella Moreno that has been in the Ayala cheer for 2 years says cheer is a lot of fun but it’s hard work at the same time because the cheer routine our coach gives us every day to practice so our sideline cheer team can be perfect on point. Moreno uses quotes to help and motivate herself to better herself in the routine for cheer, “If you fall down always get back up no matter what”.

    Mrs. Stephanie Allen the head coach of Ayala sideline cheer says that the university is more competitive than JV because what’s in the routine like back and front flips and to do stunt or a double stunting and do a handstand for an amount of minutes to help them get better at what they do in cheer. “Practice makes perfect at what you're good at in cheer”.  Mrs. Allen has coached Ayala sideline cheer for 2 years now at Ayala. She enjoys being a coach to so many students that are on sideline cheer. She looks for a student that is in cheer to be respectful and responsible at what they do and how they do their routine on point as they practice in gym every day after school from 2-6pm. Mrs. Allen teaches math 2 honors at Ayala.

   A freshman Bella Castaneda says her first year in Ayala sideline cheer and she loves it and also she enjoys it. She has cheered outside of school since she was seven years old. Her plan is to do Ayala sideline cheer 3 years of high school at Ayala. Her goal is to be on Varsity cheer by her junior year. She made new friends in cheer and she loves being a base which is to hold the flyer in the back at all times for their routines on the cheer team. Her goal is to cheer at UCLA for college. Castaneda enjoys facing challenges in cheer to help better herself because she never gives up at what she does in cheer especially in sideline cheer. She is currently in JV on sideline cheer at Ayala, Castaneda quotes“I have the ability to do hard or easy things when it comes to cheer”.