Electric Vehicles

By: Timothy Pernama

Electric cars.JPG

    Technology is the future! With electric vehicles increasing in popularity and demand, less gasoline powered vehicles are seen on the road. With the dominating electric vehicle company Tesla, consumers are impressed with what this affordable electric vehicle can do. However, what does this mean for the people who enjoy driving gasoline powered vehicles? Are they going to have to adjust to the new demand or will motor vehicle companies continue to produce gasoline powered cars?

    Electric vehicles have played a huge role in saving the Earth's environment. Not only does it help save the environment, but it also keeps the consumer and other people safe on the road. With new technology, electric vehicles, such as self driving, backup camera and sensor, and strong chassis, it has never been this safe to be driving on the road in history. But with all these technological advancement, what does the average consumer think of this? Senior Ethan Nygun states, “I’m all for EV and saving the environment, but I am a car enthusiast and I like hearing my loud exhaust every time I floor my car. I will definitely buy an EV one day.”
    It is well known how safe and reliable the new electric vehicles are, but do most people know how fast they perform? A Tesla Model X P100D can accelerate to 60 miles per hour in 2.3s while carrying 8 people in the car. If you compare that to a Lamborghini Aventador SV, it 

accelerates faster than a supercar that can only carry two people! Its performance can be controversial though however to some consumers, such as senior Akash Pandhrally. “Teslas are indeed faster than my regular Nissan, I wish to one day go that fast while carrying 7 chicks and saving the environment at the same time” Pandhrally states.. 

    Electric vehicles are very well known for how reliable it is. It doesn’t need oil changes or any mechanical maintenance. It makes it super easy for the consumer however could put working mechanics out of business. “Electric vehicles are very reliable and practical. I don’t worry too much about it breaking down and the available space I have to carry stuff” senior Frank Li states.