Get Fit with FitExpo

By: Timothy Pernama

   The FitExpo was back in January, taking place in Los Angeles at the Convention Center. The FitExpo is an event where one would go to find out more about getting fit and more about the fitness industry. At this event you could meet famous fitness models such as Bradley Martyn, Sommer Ray, Simeon Panda, etc. For some people this sparks their interest. At the event one could also find out more about the proper supplements to take to help reach fitness goals. 

    Supplements can be the key to helping a person achieve their fitness goals. As Senior Frank Li states, “After every workout, I take a scoop of protein powder and drink it with 25oz of milk to build mass.” Protein is a key element to building muscle mass. On top of consuming enough protein to build muscle mass, one must also have a solid workout routine. You can find many routines at the FitExpo.

    A solid workout routine can be seen in Senior Akash Pandhrally. As he mentions, “I learned from the FitExpo that my workout routine needs to consist of bench press, deadlift, and squats as these are the three main exercises to build strength and mass.” And the results do show! Akash has shown tremendous results in the gym. He is far more lean and fit. 

    Having a routine and right supplements however it is also very important for one to even begin exercising. Sometimes people lack the discipline to workout. However Senior Jeffery Long shares what made him get into shape, “I have always wanted to be lean and cut. And if I wanted to achieve the body that I want, I know I must work hard for it. I learned all this from watching Bradley Martyn on Youtube from the FitExpo.”  

    Overall the FitExpo has plenty of knowledge to learn from and to easily start applying what they offer. It is definitely a recommended event to attend. Especially for people in the beginning stages of their fitness goals.