Good Girls New Season

   NBC’s crime drama-comedy Good Girls is officially returning to the screens of audiences after the cliffhanger season 2 finale. The show revolves around three suburban moms who face a multitude of financial problems; in order to make ends meet, they rob a local grocery store. When the loot is bigger than expected and the manager sees the identity of one of them, their perfect plan begins to spiral and leads to an endless cycle of illegal problems. The iconic trio of Beth, Annie, and Ruby had to face a plethora of obstacles in the last few episodes of the last season. Beth’s toxic relationship with Rio, her dealer, leads to multiple problems being created, and FBI Agent Turner continues to follow her around in hopes to obtain evidence to put her away in prison. The last few minutes of the previous season showcased Beth making the unexpected decision of shooting Rio and getting ownership of the counterfeit money scheme. 

    The third season was set to return to NBC on February 16th. This season will include 16 episodes and will most likely arrive on Netflix soon. In this upcoming season, many wonder how Ruby, who has sacrificed her relationship with her husband Stan for crime, will continue her line of work, while Annie must accept and cope with her boyfriend, Noah, actually being an FBI agent. Beth’s new friend, Rhea, who is the mother of Rio’s child, also seems to have an important role in this upcoming season. She will be played by Orange is the New Black’s Jackie Cruz. Beth, Annie, and Ruby will also be working with a graphic designer to continue money laundering this season. Played by Charlyne Yi from House, this new character might lead to more trouble as she is a law-abiding citizen with no interest in a life of crime.

    In the last scene of the previous season, Rio, who is struggling to stay alive, makes a deal with Agent Turner, leaving room for audiences to suspect that he is still alive. The terms of the deal, however, were that Rio will agree to team up with the FBI in order to put Beth in prison. Mary Pat, notorious for creating a countless amount of issues for the girls, such as blackmailing them for thousands of dollars a month, working with the FBI to lessen her punishment of burying her husband in her backyard to receive disability benefits, and running over Boomer, will likely not return this season as the actress, Allison Tolman, will be starring in a new ABC series. 

    Senior Asna Tabassum says “I’m very excited for this new season. This show keeps getting better and better, and I’m excited to see the girls run a business without Rio.”

    Excitement is a common answer for all avid watchers of the show. Senior Gieselle Gatewood says, “I’ve been waiting for this new season for so long, and I’m excited to see how the cliffhanger plays into the new season.”

    Senior Hana Ho also says, “I just started watching this show and have already finished it! Hopefully, the new season will be even better than the last two.”

One can stream the first two seasons of Good Girls on Netflix, and the new season is available on Hulu every Monday after it airs on NBC. Cheers to a new season!