Jostens On Campus

by Ashley Chen

  As graduation is near, the seniors are preparing to pay and receive their cap and gown and any other senior gears they would like to receive.

    The last time Jostens was on campus was February 5th and 6th during lunch but seniors are able to buy their senior gear at or call Jostens at (800-567-8367).

    “I forgot to buy my cap and gown and luckily Jostens was on campus to take any late payments,” senior Kaiya Anunciado said.

    Seniors can still purchase packages online which includes everything seniors need for graduation, such as a cap, gown, tassel, medallion, and diploma cover.

    Seniors may also purchase senior sweatshirts, sweatpants, senior mugs, invitation cards, and much more!

    Seniors can also borrow a used gown, cap, tassel and medallion from Jostens, but they must return everything to Jostens before leaving the graduation venue to meet their family.

    “I’m borrowing my cap and gown and I’m so glad Jostens made it possible for every senior to afford to have a cap and gown,” senior Diane Carrillo said.

    If seniors fail to return a borrowed cap and gown from Jostens before leaving the venue, they will be charged for the items and cannot return it at another time. 

    Seniors can also borrow a gown from a former Ayala graduate and purchase from Jostens the cap, tassel, medallion, diploma cover package and keep all of the items.

        “I have seen the line to buy cap and gowns and made me sad as it made me realize that it’s almost time for the seniors to leave this school,” junior Rebekah Jung said.

    As the seniors prepare for their graduation and the last few months at this school, they are working hard to complete whatever is needed before they leave high school.