Leap Year

By: Kreesh Teli

Every four years, a day comes alongs that adds extra time to our year. We add this extra day to the calendar which is represented as February 29, also known as Leap Day. The history behind the leap year circles back many years ago, but is formally described as where Earth this year will take slightly longer to orbit its start which becomes 365.241 days in the year. 

    Mrs Rai stated, “Throughout my life and there was a leap year, I honestly just disregarded it. I just think of it as an extra day in the year and it is really not a big deal.”

    Through enactment of the Calendar Act 1750, Great and its colonies adopted the Gregorian calendar.  To determine what years are leap years, the calendar follows three rules: if the year can be divided by four it is a leap year, but if it can be evenly divided by 100 or by 400 then it is not. Even though the calendar follows the complicated process, it is not perfect  and every 3,236 years it will be out by a day. For example, the Julian Calendar is behind the Gregorian calendar by a total of thirteen days. 

    Senior Kenneth Ngo stated, “I just recently found out why there was a leap year from my parents because I asked them. When I found out the true reason, I wasn’t really shocked on why we have it, but it felt good knowing the true reason on why we have this year.”

    Though this day happens once every four years, there are many facts that go with the day. The chances of being born on leap day are about 1 in 1,500 and there are approximately 187,000 people in the US and four million people in the world who are born on leap day. If you are born on Leap year, your official birthday on years that don’t have leap days are on March 1st. 

    Senior Elijah Medina stated, “Being born in February is really interesting. When I tell people I was born in February, they automatically ask me if I was born on leap day. The more I get asked this question, I wonder how it would be to be born on leap day. I feel like it would be cool but also at the same time you would be a fourth of your actual age so that part is not that cool.”

    Overall the knowledge of leap years is really limited to many people, but there are many facts and rules behind this rare day. The next time there will be a leap day would be on February 29, 2024.