Leave No Talent Untapped

     By: Mandy Kajiwara

The time has arrived. Auditions for the annual talent show hosted by the Ayala band and colorguard just occurred on January 31st. The BAC Annual Talent Show is not only a chance to highlight undiscovered talents but an opportunity to showcase hidden acts to friends.

     This year on Friday, February 7th, the 13th annual talent show will be held in the MPR. The acts include performing arts students as well as non-program students. Acts range from singing to stand up comedy, and even guitar hero. The show is known to hold a variety of singers and dancers, such as the lovely classical voice of senior, Esteban Rodriguez, the skilled rap dancers alumni, Hailey Hovey and senior Emily Hovey, and the past marching soloist, Madeleine Mendes and her beautiful voice.

     As tradition, the drum majors of Ayala host and coordinate the event with their passion for this unique event. Sophomore drum major Holly Kong expresses her love towards the event while explaining why the event is unique, "What I think is special is that it shows hidden talents of people that we didn’t know that they had. For example, there’s a flute player who can get play the sax and that’s pretty cool."