Madame Vice President:

Kamala Harris

By Olivia Mendoza (10)


Kamala Harris became the first female, Asian American, and African American Vice President of the United States of America. Since January 20, 2021, Harris as well as her partner, Joseph Biden, have been in office. 


Racking up a record high number of votes, Biden and Harris won a total of 81,283,098 votes, or 51.3% of the popular vote. The magic number, eighty-one, pushed the current President and Vice President to the highest amount of votes that any presidential candidate has ever achieved. 


Following the impeachment of former President Donald Trump and the events that occurred in the Capitol on January 6th, the dynamic duo has hit the ground running with support from their fellow Democratic party.  


How has the Vice President, the woman of many “firsts,” risen to fame within the political hierarchy? The answer is clear: a true testament of will power and determination. 


The daughter of immigrants, Harris was born to parents Donald Harris, a Jamaican native, and Shyamala Gopalan Harris, a British India native. 


Harris’s alma mater includes Howard University and University of California, Hastings College of the Law. From there, she began to dip her toes into politics. Working in the district attorney's office of Alameda County, Harris was then promoted to the division of Families and Children in 2000.  From there she became San Francisco's  District Attorney in 2003, further re-elected in 2007. Harris is the first African American and woman elected for this position. 

After becoming the attorney general of the Los Angeles County District from 2011 to 2016, Harris then was the first African American U.S. Senator from California, from 2017 until her recent promotion to Vice President. 


As a role model for all, fellow Bulldogs have come together to share their opinions about having Madame Vice President in office. 


Sophomore Nicole Torres, President and Founder of Ayala’s Political Science Club, shares that she feels “so relieved to have a female Vice President. It brings me such joy and hope for the future of women who aspire to be in leadership positions throughout the country.” 


Junior Samantha Pagan agrees. She hopes that “America is changing their viewpoints at accepting female dominance, but at the same time it feels like people don’t think she will be able to achieve as much.” Pagan added, “It may be because of the political party she is associated with or just because she is a woman.”


Not only are the current generations slowly looking towards the future of “female dominance,” but younger generations will most definitely live in this highly acclaimed world. 


In an environment that has always been male dominated, Pagan thinks that “changing the viewpoint [for] little girls [is necessary] because of the toxic gender norms that make you think women can’t achieve as much, or even be in higher power like men.” 


Under an immense amount of pressure, Harris must now prove that women are capable of handling this role that has always been filled by a male. The country is keeping a close watch on her every move, now more than ever. 


This is just the beginning. Although it is a strange phrase in American history, ‘Madame Vice President’ will continue to pave its way through generations of young aspiring girls who want to change the world. Odd now, but soon, normal. Before long, one will hear “Madame President.”