Nikhil Patel 

By Kreesh Teli

Out of 697 seniors in the class, Nikhil Patel kept a stable, high GPA which led him to be sixth in the whole class. Achieving this high of a position is extremely hard and requires hard work and dedication all throughout high school and Patel was able to accomplish this goal of his. 

Since elementary school, Patel has been involved in his school work and focused on it rather than hanging out. Though the workload is much different in elementary school than in high school, the work habits he made throughout his academic career has led him to the point he is in now. When entering high school, Patel already had his priorities straight and made being top ten his goal since freshman year. 

Patel stated, “My main goal for high school was to graduate as part of the Top Ten. I did imagine myself here many times for the same reason most people imagine themselves accomplishing their goals.”

Along with being book-smart, Patel could also be found playing tennis for Ayala’s team or tutoring his fellow high schoolers. Everyday in the morning, Nikhil would wake up earlier than he needed to plan out his day in his phone to make sure he did not forget to do anything, but also to finish all his tasks in the most efficient time. Following this habit throughout high school has worked wonders for him and he always had time at the end of the day for him due to him focusing on his priorities. Patel was well-rounded and perfectly knew how to balance everything to make sure all of his goals would be accomplished. But, even though this worked out for him to reach his goal, he also had to make many sacrifices that may seem  hard for any other teenager. 

“Consistently choosing to study or work instead of playing video games or going out with my friends was always hard for me no matter how many times I did it.”

On the other hand of Patel’s personality, he could be found doing many other activities in his free time. “I like to game, code, and solve puzzles/riddles. I also like to go to the gym, rock-climb, hike, and hang out with friends.”\

Though all the activities he did engaged him, coding has caught his eye the most and he is working on mastering the concept of it. With endless hours of practicing coding, Patel’s biggest achievement is coding his first app. Though he did not do it alone, he had a huge role in it and was able to create a well-working app. To further his passion for coding, Patel also started a club on campus called “Hack Club” in which he teaches students how to code and program different functions.

After working his best all of high school, Patel has now made new goals for his future. “In terms of college, I plan to explore my curiosity in the world of code and math as well as experience what it is truly like to be a college student.”

All of the sacrifices Patel has made in high school, he hopes to experience all those in college. He is looking to have a lot of fun in college but also to make sure he gets his priorities straight to make sure he becomes the best version of himself. 


To all the current high schoolers, Patel has a piece of advice in which he states, “Rather than being overwhelmed by the many things that need to be completed, think through what you have to do. Try to be rational in your approach and get things done one at a time.”