On My Block Preview

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   The Netflix Original series On My Block is returning back for Season 3, March 11th, 2020. This will be spoiler free and will just inform details about the show and who’ll be watching. To recap, On My Block came back on Netflix with a bang, March 29th, 2019 for their second season. This led to the show and cast becoming nominated for multiple awards. “When I heard the release date for the third season, I was so excited. This cast is so amazing at what they do”, Rylie Martin, 11th grade, states. The series was put on hold during contract negotiations. These negotiations were stalled in early July 2019 before going into late July. According to a report from Deadline, contract negotiations came “down to the wire” adding that each of the four main cast members saw a bump of salary from $20k per episode up to several times that going into season 3. In mid August 2019, they began filming for season 3. “I was scared they would cancel the show because Netflix is known for cancelling shows after the first or second season, but now I know it won’t be happening,” Nikki Sandoval, 12th grade, states.

   On My Block has received huge praise for its diverse cast and daring storylines which focus around a group of teenagers in a Los Angeles neighbourhood, tackling issues of gang violence, love, race and poverty. “The way this series is unique and isn’t like any other series and instead represents is cool to me,” Christian Hwang, 12th grade, states. The new series will drop on Wednesday, March 11 on Netflix worldwide. The new series is also likely to contain 10 episodes, just like the previous two seasons.