Parking Permits

     By: Utkarsh Bhandari


Parking permits have become an issue recently with our licensed driving students. The issues revolve around students not having parking permits and there not being enough parking spots for everyone who wants to park at school.

     Amaan Patel, a senior and former leadership member, said, "This new problem cannot be fixed because there’s nowhere to build parking spots unless some buildings are taken down."

     Part of the issue comes from students parking in the student lot without having a permit to do so. This means people with permits cannot get parking even when they already paid for a parking permit. To fix this problem, the school added people monitoring who comes in the parking lot in the morning. The student store reported that they started monitoring parking permits more strictly after complaints of students not getting parking spots at school even when they have a parking permit. These monitors make sure everyone who enters the lot has a parking permit.


  Senior Robert Lopez has expressed disappointment when hearing the recent parking permit news. He said, "They shouldn’t let so many people in the school if there can’t even be enough parking spots." 

      The school cannot create more parking spots because all the nearby area is used up by other important things. The only solution as of now would be to park at the local library or community center and walk to school. Students that didn’t get the parking permit early enough cannot park there. This is probably going to have a lot of people rushing to get spots next year because rules are stricter.