Being Alone Frees the Mind

By: Kreesh Teli

Throughout my last four years of high school, I would say that I have lived my life to the fullest where I have balanced most of my school work and social life. With that, I have been used to always going out and having people around me either that be friends or family. Every weekend I would have plans to go out and I never really experienced time to myself or really know how to do activities that I can have fun with just by myself. Therefore, after the first couple of weeks of quarantine passed by, I realized that rather than spending this time dwelling on not having a senior year or not being able to see my friends, I would use my time productively and start being the best version of myself. I decided I want to learn to be myself because college life is going to be way different than how I lived my life in high school.


I am going to be more alone everyday because there will not be any lunch or passing period to see my friends, and in college everyone is going to have different schedules.  With that, I have started to really appreciate everything I have been doing and learning how to be happy without constantly having friends around me.


See, I was the type of person that would get off due to the fact that I had no plans or I could not hang out with my friends and I would let that affect my day sometimes even more. But, as I sit in my room everyday with a limited amount of activities to do, I start recalling all the good memories I had and also teach myself how to be grateful which leads me to be more understanding of not hanging out with my friends. With this new mindset I am creating, I have been working on a lot of other things that have helped improve who I am.


Some of these activities have been working out and during these workouts I establish my thoughts and where most of these thoughts I have expressed here come in my mind and these thoughts have made me want to spend time on my own more because I am seeing major improvement in myself. Another craft I have been working on comes from my creative side: making music.


When I find the beat on YouTube, my mind automatically wakes up because all my thoughts go into the lyrics and allows me to express what is on my mind and really think about life. Overall, I have really seen major improvement in my mind which has allowed for greater opportunities in my future. This is true because I am now more immune to staying by myself rather than my mood being off and it ruining my day. I have found myself to be more happy and really explore what I want to do with my life.