Samsung's Bright New Assistant: Neon


     By: Utkarsh Bhandari


Imagine having an assistant that you can interact with more than just your voice. Imagine having an assistant that can make you food or do your laundry. Samsung Neon is a new technology currently in the works. Neon can be considered an advancement of current voice assistants. They are artificial humanoid AI assistants that help one around throughout their day. They are essentially more advanced Alexas, Google Assistants, Siris, and Bixbys. They have been showcased by Neon CEO, Pranav Mistry, at CES 2020. The new product is causing slight controversy as an AI humanoid brings forth ethical questions.


     The controversy revolves around two different things. The first problem is that this could result in AI becoming too powerful or having too much of an influence over many households. When asking people about what they think about Samsung Neon and the direction it is taking, mixed emotions have been expressed.


     Senior Amaan Patel has expressed gratitude for this new technology but concern that these humanoids may be invading our privacy a little too much.”It might be creepy having a humanoid in your house” said Amaan Patel.


     Senior Nikhil Patel has expressed that this new technology is extremely interesting and AI isn’t an issue. “AI only gets as much power as you give it. You don’t have to buy an assistant if you don’t want one,” said Patel.


     When asking more senior members of the population, they expressed different standpoints on this. “If you think about it, a lot of technology that has improved our lives has taken away from some privacy,” said Mr. Collins, Ayala engineering teacher. AI is just new technology and, according to most, will not be a problem.