Sand Harbor Releases Ultimate Quarantine Project with 

Cedarwood Sage

By Makayla Richardson (12)

Cedarwood Sage.png

Cedarwood Sage album cover

Ethan Reynaga, a senior, recently released the album Cedarwood Sage under the stage name “Sand Harbor.” Writing and producing his own music, Reynaga decided to choose this seemingly unorthodox name as it is the name of his favorite aromatherapy candle. 


The creation of Cedarwood Sage began as a simple hobby. “I would make covers of songs on GarageBand [a popular Apple application that allows users to create music],” recalled Reynaga. “I saw the formulas weren’t that hard to produce. This in turn gave me confidence to attempt to make my own music.” 


Reynaga also credits the curiosity of his friends for inspiring his creative process. “They wondered how my kind of music would sound.” 


His influence for the album drew from many different genres of music, all culminating into the album itself being described as having an alternative sound. He cites the British rock band Her’s, the post-punk revival band The Strokes, and indie pop bands like Boy Pablo and Dayglow. 


The album took nine months to complete. Beginning in September of 2019, production ended with its release on August 15, 2020. “I didn’t really have any struggles with writing,” said Reynaga. “All of the songs were just about love, which is a pretty easy topic to write about. I would come up with a catchy chord progression, then hum along to it. If the hum sounded catchy, I would make lyrics for it. Then I would add all the catchy guitar riffs and background aspects afterward.” 


During its production, Reynaga decided to allow his listeners insight into his personal life. Four out of the seven songs in Cedarwood Sage were based on personal experience. The leadoff track “Not Worth My Time” tells the story of going through an unsure relationship and getting involved with someone who is just trying to waste time. This is sadly not an unfamiliar experience for listeners, as the fickleness of a significant other’s commitment can be discovered too late in relationships. Even for those who cannot relate to the narrative, listeners can easily empathize with Reynaga’s soulful torment. 


“Tell You” depicts a story of unrequited love and his singer’s utter adoration for a close friend who he wishes to never part from. “Lost” is a ballad to a lover whom he wishes nothing but the best for, and yet cannot help but think of: “Time just ticks away, thinking if you’re okay.” 


The final song in the album, “Love Tonight,” follows the same theme as “Tell You.” Reynaga simply croons “let’s fall in love tonight,” but the song’s story contains a rather bittersweet conclusion. 


The artist believes one of the most popular songs, “Happier,” is favored over the others thanks to the mellow feeling it gives the album’s listeners. He also credits it to being the only acoustic track on the album.  

Although avid listeners shouldn’t expect to receive another album in the near future, Sand Harbor is slated to release singles and an EP by the end of this year. Cedarwood Sage is available for reader’s enjoyment on Spotify, Apple MusicYoutube, Amazon, Deezer, iHeartRadio, and Napster.