Social Media Craziness

By: Fiza Khan

I hear the familiar Facetime dial for the eighth time that day. I pick up, and it’s my close friend, Utkarsh. Later that day, I call some other close friends, and the cycle repeats for days and days on end. Now, we have been in quarantine for more than 60 days. The only way I’ve been able to keep in contact with my friends has been through technological mediums. After being told for so long to stay off of our phones, it is now being encouraged to use digital platforms to stay connected.


Social media and Facetime, or other video calling services, have kept me connected with the people that I am used to greeting on a daily basis, along with everyone else in the world. One day, after I didn’t wash the dishes, my mom took my phone away for a few days. Despite the extreme boredom I felt while I did not have my phone, I also felt severely detached from the rest of society. In these times, my phone has become my only tether to the rest of the world.


I was unable to stay in contact with my friends or see what was occurring with the pandemic or current events. After the first day, however, I got more used to quarantine life without my phone and was able to clean my entire room and do my laundry. This helped give me a clear workspace. I was also able to do more research on colleges and was more confident in my decision of where I wanted to go in the fall. I felt significantly more clearheaded.


When I got my phone back, I was elated. I was able to immediately call my friends and go on Twitter to see what I had missed. Although it was only a few days, it felt like a month had passed by in the social media world. New trends and memes had been introduced, and many of the people I usually talk to had messaged me, leaving a plethora of unchecked messages. With this experience, I was also more grateful for having technology and being able to easily connect with people I can’t see anymore.


Technology has now become an integral part of our culture, from the classroom to jobs to simply socializing. After this quarantine, many tasks and jobs that people believed could not be completed remotely will be adaptable to the digital age. Human relationships will also be permanently changed as everyone, from teenagers to the elderly, have become avid users of ways to stay connected.