Changing Perceptions During a Pandemic

by: Leslie Sanchez


“It’s just like the flu,” they said… or so they thought. COVID-19 has rapidly become a serious threat to the world. As some countries are finishing up with the fight against the virus, we are only getting started. We are already heading towards our two month mark since the governor made “Stay at Home” orders. We didn’t know what was approaching us two months ago, everyone treated this virus so lightly then. Through these tragic weeks inside our homes, everyone has become so dependent on the news. The only thing we can do now is to remain inside and hope.


Many heroes are risking their own health during this COVID-19 pandemic from nurses, doctors, grocery workers, and much more. My dad, a truck driver, is currently working during this time, bringing food and essential things to stores across the state of California. He updates us everyday and sometimes shows us what he’s delivering that day. A few weeks ago, he had a full load of packaged toilet paper to take to one of the many stores experiencing a supply shortage. He’s one of thousands making a difference and who are much appreciated. All essential workers are doing their part during this pandemic, as we should do ours and stay home.


None of us knew it’d come to this or such a thing like a pandemic would even happen. All in all it’s impacted our daily lives from start to finish. Personally, my days are starting to feel the same with the “Stay at Home” order, but I do try to limit my sitting time and do exercises or just a nice walk around the neighborhood. I’ve definitely tried to become more active since we have lots of more time in our hands now. Communicating with friends and family has gotten more digital as well since it’s the most we can do at the moment, from FaceTiming and texting.


Most seniors and I are experiencing the same feeling of not being able to spend their last moments with friends before they head off to college and have their last everything. Finding out that this pandemic has affected the moment I’ve been waiting forever, to finally walk across that stage at Graduation and for it to be taken away from me just like that is something I’ll never forget. Although, I try to find the bright side in things and say “It was for the best” or “There’s always college graduations,” but this moment in time will always be remembered. 


COVID-19 has quickly become a serious threat to the world and now always the first topic of conversation. After seeing something that seemed so small before, eventually impacted lives across the world in just months. This shows people how invincible no one really is and now is the time to realize that. This pandemic has given us time to do things we haven’t taken the time to appreciate before, for people or things we might have overlooked then. Now all we can do is do our part, which is to stay home in efforts to flatten the curve and hopefully return back to normal.