The Oscars

By: Anushka Thakker

    This past week, Oscar nominations were announced and many were shocked to say the least.

    “Joker,” the drama about the mentally ill Batman villain that sparked backlash with its realistic depictions of extreme violence, won the most nominations, earning 11 in total, the most of any film. Joaquin Phoenix was nominated for lead actor at Monday’s announcement of the 2020 Oscar nominations, and the film was nominated for best picture. “Joker’s” other Oscar nominations include costume design, film editing, original score, sound editing, sound mixing, cinematography, makeup and hairstyling, adapted screenplay, and Todd Phillips for directing.

    "Irishman," "Once Upon a Time…in Hollywood" and "1917" each got 11 nominations. Like the Golden Globes, the nominees for best director were all men. For the second year in a row, no women were nominated for the best director position. In all of Oscar’s history, only five women have been nominated in this category.   

   A surprise surely came from Bong Joon Ho’s, “Parasite” production design, film editing, foreigh film, original screenplay, best director, and best film. It is rare for a fully international film to be nominated for this many nominations.

Aidan Ching, a senior and an avid watcher of the Annual Academy Awards, hopes that “Joker” will win best movie. “It’s an amazing film that I watched twice in theaters. I personally don’t believe it’s going to win because it’s a superhero film and it also got nominated in so many other categories, but if it won I would be really happy.”

Nikhil Patel, another avid watcher of the Oscars, is a big fan of “Parasite”. He calls it a “international masterpiece”, and believes it deserves to win the award for best film. “I mean, how cool would it be to have a completely foreign film snatch the award for best film? Pretty crazy if you ask me.”

    You can’t please everyone, but let’s hope that film lovers appreciate what the Academy Awards have in store for us this year.