The Platform

By: Alissa Manzo

While this self isolation period is still in effect, due to the outbreak,  I’ve been distracting and exposing myself to new films and TV shows. I have watched a variety and hours worth of content from Netflix as well as Youtube. Each focusing on a diverse collection of genres. I’ve noticed my main center of attention has been on mysteries, documentaries, and thriller/horror based. A specific movie that had me most intrigued was called The Platform. The movie is a Spanish sci-fi horror film that recently became available on Netflix in the United States.


The movie focuses on Goreng, who has recently become an occupant of the pit. The pit is a prison constructed with a height that is not determined, but extremely large. Each level holds a hole that provides an opening for a platform to levitate through everyday. The platform that descends on a daily basis contains food that could easily be proportioned for every prisoner that lives there. Although people who are on the highest level tend to selfishly eat as much as they want, leaving nothing for those who are far below. As Goreng gains understanding of the process of the pit he comes across violent and unspeakable situations, as most peoples main motive is to survive.

This leads to Goreng’s purpose in the film which is to get prisoners to cooperate with each other to make the pit’s living conditions much more pleasurable.


The movie quickly becomes dark and sinister as the movie shows how prisoners of the pit show no remorse under their conditions. The film keeps you feeling unsettled and thinking with its dark imagery. This film could easily be compared to the system we live in today which involves the upper class, middle class, and lower class.


The conditions of the system have recently held more political prominence and are actively being worked on. Citizens of this world have grown to be more self absorbed and prioritizing their own needs without understanding the effect of others. After watching you’ll wonder how far you’ll go out of your way in desperate times. You’ll realize how much you depend on your regular necessities. I also connected the story line to present and real time. As of right now the world doesn’t exactly know how to react to this unpredictable outbreak and it will only be a matter of time before we adapt to this “new normal.”