Track Spotlight

By: Sohan Raval

     Athletes all around Ayala high school put their time and effort into the sport they love the most. They practice everyday and put in their most time to the sport. With all the time that these sports take, they have to manage their time for academics, extracurricular activities, and sports. Samuel Ahn, a sophomore in JV track is a perfect example of how he manages his time for everything he does at this school. Samuel Ahn has been dedicated to track for almost two years and has always shown improvement every step of the way.

     Jack Zheng, a Junior in Varsity track, mentions,” Samuel always works hard when he is at track and does everything he can do to get better.” Track has also been a great way to find friends as some of Ahn's track mates are now his best friends. Apart from track, Ahn is also very intelligent as he takes an AP class and takes all honor classes. Additionally, he is also an officer for debate and a member of countless clubs. Ahn manages all of his time so well with all the work he has on his hands. 

     He said, “Try to stay as efficient as possible and keep an agenda to help organize how your day should go. Also be very focused when you’re studying and always strive to be the greatest you.”

     Ahn also loves to have a social life as he always goes to the shops with his friends or goes to the library and works on homework with his peers. One thing Ahn enjoys doing outside of school is spending quality time with his family. He loves to go out with his family because he knows he doesn't get to see them all the time during weekdays.

     Lastly, Ahn is the embodiment of an Ayala student, as he fulfills his duty as a student in Ayala and looks for every opportunity that comes his way. His drive for track will only help him reach to the peak and ultimately gets the success he deserves.