A Valentine's Day Surprise 

By Lindsay Shen (10)


Through these hard times, it seems nearly impossible to spread the love and happiness that February would usually bring. While at home, the days get restless and it’s hard to show appreciation for the ones we love. However, Ayala High School’s very own Positive Culture Club has made a way to create accessible compassion for every student in the CVUSD.


Positive Culture Club started Valentine Grams during February as a special way for students to show their appreciation to one another, even virtually. Although it may not be the exact same as handing a valentine gram to a friend in person, the thought in itself already brought smiles to the student body’s faces. These grams included a message through Google Forms that were sent through Instagram creatively.


As distance learning has progressed, with motivation dwindling for students throughout second semester, it has definitely been a struggle for everyone. “The goal for the Virtual Valentine Grams is to have students be able to spread positivity despite distance learning,” said a representative of the club. “If we were in school, we would have physical grams that we would be able to give to our friends. We are trying to make up for that and for students to still be able to send grams, which also eases some of the feelings of loneliness that students may feel.” 


Other programs around school may have had Valentine Grams as well, for example the Ayala Class of 2023 had a Google Form that sent Valentine Grams via email. However, Positive Culture Club stood out, as they included every single school in the district.


“We felt that these positive grams should not be spread just through a small community of Ayala students,” continued the club's rep. “We think the fact that these grams were open to everyone outside of Ayala High School made them a little more special and they were able to send it to family members or teachers.”


The Positive Culture Club achieved great success and publicity for their club throughout this event, whilst simultaneously spreading positivity across the student community.


“This event was something that our club was fit to organize as it aligned with our goal of spreading positivity,” the club explained. The participation and willingness of the students made this event undoubtedly a success, which benefited the school and also benefited students by making them feel loved. “It really brought one of our goals out for the club, which was we didn’t want it to be based in just one school, but all schools in our district.”


As February came to a close, the valentine grams that many students received and felt joy from are soon going to fade into a distant memory. To achieve the same amount of impact and success that this event brought, Positive Culture Club is doing something very similar for the month of March called “Virtual Shamrock Grams.”


These Virtual Shamrock Grams recognize St. Patrick’s Day and will start on March 1st and close by March 15th. Even though it may be hard to stay upbeat during uncertain circumstances, these events help brighten up the community, even if it’s only in the smallest ways. March is speedily moving on, so stay tuned for more to come from the Positive Culture Club!