Winter Drama Show

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     By: Belen Robles

It has been more than a hundred and fifty years since Lewis Carroll’s unparalleled story of Alice in Wonderland blessed our childhoods. With growing up and wishing nothing but to escape reality’s madness in exchange for Wonderland’s, this story has once again entered society for another adventure.


     Inspired by the “sense of wonder it gave to the readers as a kid,” drama teacher Joshua Prisk decided to pull off a fantastical reenactment with Alice in Wonderland. For example, senior Sean Griffin, one of the two student directors, is using his “deep childhood connection” with the story to bring it “to life on the stage.” 


     The development of this show has taken a couple of months, going back as far as the beginning of November! Senior Nolan Parks, also student director, commented that the show has also been quite “stressful with such a huge cast” and unique set which was just finished the Saturday before the first performance.


     In fact, Mr. Prisk mentioned that the hardest part was the challenge of creating a “whole glow-in-the-dark forest” but Griffin assures us that it will “definitely be worth it and it will definitely pay off.''


     Senior Ben Moreno, stage manager for the show, said, “The set is one of the coolest we’ve ever done because of the glow-in-the-dark aspects and it’s truly magical.” Sounds like a one-of-a-kind thing to see!


    From the performers’ point of view, this show’s atmosphere has proven to be, among those participating, “more like a family” rather than a competition, at least from junior Maya Terry’s perspective. Terry is playing the main character, Alice, Terry's reasons for auditioning being she’s “blonde, has bangs, so why not?” 


     While Terry knew who she wanted to be, senior Ilya Bekalo auditioned for all the roles in Alice in Wonderland and became very fond of the one he was assigned: the turtle. Proud of his turtle suit “with a shell and everything,” he enjoys making people laugh with his own special "Beautiful Soup" song and claimed it as his favorite scene in the whole show (student director Griffin agrees).


     However, Parks, Terry, and Moreno all believe it is the "Mad Hatter's Tea Party" that is the true highlight. The two directors can agree, however, that “watching the show unfold” on the performing days is what makes the experience surreal. Parks confesses the uneasy alternate perspective that it’s also the “scariest part because at that point you can’t do anything” but let the crew and performers take the stage.


    On January 30th, 2020, Theatre Production began its first week of performances for this wonderful show! Upon entering the MPR, the lights were dimmed so low that the only visible glow came from the glow-in-the-dark purples, blues, greens, and oranges that created a magnificent little forest upon the stage. Even as the audience waited, the natural hum of the forest echoed and tiny lights on the stage flickered in the air resembling fireflies. Then the white-and-pink Cheshire Cat that lies lazily on the floor of the stage began to stir and hence, the play began. 


  Cheshire Cat, played by senior Randall Whitener, not only looked the part with his painted grin but his sly body movements and cunning voice solidified the realism and believability of the famous cat. The costumes were also a curious highlight to the show as the iconic outfits were all marvelously and accurately done and exemplified by the actors themselves.


     Junior Brooke Summerford claimed her favorite part was when the Frog, played by senior Aaron Zemla, “came flopping out and especially at the end where he--” but I’ll cut it off right there so you have the chance to enjoy it, too!


     Thus, the next performances for this show kick off again this week from the 6th to the 8th of February, all in the MPR at 7 pm. Saturday will also have an additional matinee performance at 2pm. With a passionate cast, two driven student directors, and a teacher that “wouldn’t want to work with anyone else,'' Mr. Prisk encourages the to-be audience to “get ready for an adventure” and “watch out for your head!”