Zeeba Abofazi

By: Miranda Kajiwara

Zeeba Abofazi is anything but your typical girl. She is an Ayala Senior but has much more on her plate outside campus. When she is not completing school work, she is a ballerina,n Ayala advanced dance team member, a ballet teacher to little girls, and an avid diamond painter.


Abofazi has always loved to dance and has been in ballet for 11 years. Though classes are now online, she is pushing through and doing pointe classes virtually through Zoom. 

She has also been passing time by teaching younger girls how to dance at the Be Lifted Studio in Fullerton. "I love teaching the little girls. They are so sweet and I enjoy getting to help them with starting dancing." 


When asked how she has been keeping occupied during the pandemic she responds, "Since it’s hard to do online dance classes, I’ve been coloring, reading, watching shows on Netflix and Disney+, practicing dances for competition if we get a competition, doing homework, working for my mom, and some online shopping since everything is closed." 


She has been working on different crafts to explore new hobbies including rock painting. Abofazi also has recently been enjoying diamond painting and describes it as "painting by numbers but with rhinestones." 


Distance learning is a new concept for everyone but Abofazi has not let it affect her. "It made me lazier in a sense since most of the homework is due Friday or Sunday so I usually do it Thursday or Saturday."


She admits its the small things that feel like a dramatic change in routine. "And without all the daily walking from class to class is weird since all I can do is eat since we can’t really go outside for a simple walk and enjoy the fresh air without a mask." 

Abofazi is a bright dancer who is planning on continuing dancing through college. Her love of dance inspires many young kids to believe that they can also dance. She is an inspiration to many and her positive attitude lights up every room she walks into.